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Paul's Condo Course

Paul’s Condo Course is designed to address the needs of condominium owners, directors, and purchasers by providing basic education about condo living and governance. The course is presented in short 3-10 minute bites for people with busy lifestyles. Participants learn at their own pace, can go back and revisit previous topics and check their understanding with simple questions.

For Owners

Learn about condos and how they work. After all you are a partner in the common elements

For Directors

Youhave been elected, now what? Learn about your role and condo governance,

For purchasers

Condo living is different. Learn about what you are getting into before you move in.

Paul's Condo Courses

Welcome to our courses. You will find something for everyone on virtually all topics related to condo living, governance and purchase. Once subscribed to Paul’s Condo Course, you will have access to all content. Let us know what you like, don’t like and would like to see more of. Our goal is to provide you the condo owner, director, and purchaser with the knowledge you need.


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